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Moogoo How Now Brown Cow Gradual Tanning Cream


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We're delighted to be stocking the Moogoo range at Open Sesame. Here's what they had to say about this product;
A few of us here at MooGoo use self tanning creams (especially with the cooler weather approaching) as we try and avoid sun damage but don’t want to light up dark rooms either. We thought it was time we made our own self tanning cream as we wanted one that was genuinely natural and healthy and moisturising. We didn’t want SPF chemical filters, and we have never been big on Parabens or Benzoates used to preserve a lot of commercial creams. Our in-house tanning queens have given it the thumbs up for colour and also moisture. Enjoy! Self tanning ingredients themselves are actually pretty natural. They are either canola oil, glycerine or sugar based ingredients that combine with the amino acids which are part of the keratin on the skin. Various amino acids combine differently, producing different tones of coloration from yellow to brown. The ingredients can take a day or two before they turn brown. So very simply, the self tanning ingredients make a tan coloured pigment on the skin that looks like a tan, but is not a genuine skin tan which happens when our skin is exposed to UV. Because the colour is made by using the outer layers of skin, the colour will gradually disappear over a period of time as the skin sloughs off. So to keep the colour, it should be re-applied every now and then. So we must admit we cheated a bit. We simply used our Full Cream Moisturiser formula as the base. Our Full Cream is an all natural moisturiser right down to the preservative which is based on Hops. We LOVE our Full Cream, especially in winter. All we did was add the two self tanning ingredients to the Full Cream which are pretty standard across all self-tanning cream. The first is DHA which can be from a variety of sources, we are using a Canola Oil based source. Secondly, in order to get the right colour tone, especially for pinkish complexions, we added Erythrulose which as the name suggest is a sugar based tanning ingredient. We didn’t add any UV Filters for SPF as we personally prefer to stay all natural. We made some samples to make sure it smelled nice as some tanning creams can smell a bit. We also wanted to check that it was moisturising and healthy for the skin. Those of us that use self-tanning creams here now wouldn’t use anything else. We also added purified EGCG. EGCG is the compound within Green Tea that seems to be responsible for Green Teas amazing benefits. But Green Tea itself doesn’t really have a high enough concentration of EGCG to make a difference. So we use the purified Green Tea Extract which is 90% concentrated EGCG and is actually a white powder. If you would like to know why we add EGCG, we invite you to Google search “Topical EGCG Anti-Ageing” to see some studies on its effects.

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