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Check out our delicious Dairy Free, Gluten Free Vegetarian Christmas Cake Recipe.

Open Sesame Women's Health Week is getting closer so here's a timetable of events in our Gort store.

Cardio Testing is taking place again in Ennis Friday 25th July and Gort Saturday 26th July. Just use the contact form if you'd like to book a spot!

Ennis Street Festival is kicking off so we've got some fantastic in-store demos and tastings going on, along with face-painting for the kiddies on Friday 4th July from 1 to 3PM.

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Flourless Bread

Pat's talk for Gort Cancer Support on Diet, Nutrition and Well-being

Simple but effective Quinoa recipe.

A delicious and simple Smoothie recipe thanks to the recent Iswari Superfoods in-store tasting!

A seminar for parents - the biomedical approach to treating ADHD and Autism. Sunday 23rd March

Pat's Perfect Pancakes - Gluten Free & Delicious

Sally’s foolproof groovy gravy recipe - click for PDF

Healthy Christmas Cake - click for PDF