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Triumph Monthly Cycle Support Supplements
Triumph Monthly Cycle Support Supplements

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This 30-day supplement programme is designed to help support women through the three stages of menstruation. Contains 30 tablets and 30 sachets, one of each to be taken daily.

Days 1-5 Menstrual Phase

During this phase you may have period symptoms like cramps, bloating, mood swings, irritability, headaches, tiredness, low back pain etc.

Phaseblend®1 Colour: Pink Flavour: Fruit Punch Days: 1-5 (Menstrual Phase)

Key Ingredients: Shatavari, Bacopa, Olive Leaf, Ginger.

Take one PINK sachet and one numbered tablet with water after food every morning.

Days 6-15 Pre Ovulation Phase

During phase two testosterone and estrogen peak before ovulation. You are usually feeling your best this week however, your energy may dip and you may experience mild cramps and breast tenderness etc.

Phaseblend®2 Colour: Blue Flavour: Blueberry

Days: 6-15 (Pre-Ovulation Phase)

Key Ingredients: Citrus Bioflavonoids, Green Tea, Lycopene, Grape Polyphenols.

Take one BLUE sachet and one numbered tablet with water after food every morning.

Days 16-30 Post Ovulation Phase

During phase three, you may experience symptoms of PMS, including bloating, mood changes, headache, weight gain, food cravings, trouble sleeping etc.

Phaseblend®3 Colour: Yellow Flavour: Orange Days: 16-30 (Post-Ovulation Phase)

Key Ingredients: Oat Straw, French Maritime Pine Bark, Pomegranate Seeds, Cinnamon Bark.

Take one YELLOW sachet and one numbered tablet with water after food every morning.

PhaseBlends 1, 2 and 3 also include a proprietary VFusion complex which includes

• CoEnzyme Q10 (as Ubiquinol)

• Magnesium

• Maca

• Ginseng

The pharmacist led development team in Vitropics have placed bioavailability and optimisation at the core of the formulation process. Highly bioavailable vitamin sources such as L-Methyl folate is chosen over folic acid, Selenomethionine is selected rather than sodium selenate, and an advanced form of vitamin K2 (MK7) is chosen. Sources of minerals are citrates, bisglycinates and gluconate. Including magnesium and zinc citrate, copper bisglycinate and manganese gluconate.

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